Top 10 actions to protect the environment

  • Wednesday, Feb 23, 2022

The environment is deteriorating day by day according to the observations of scientists. Protecting it is therefore essential in order to **preserve biodiversity **and safeguard the future of humanity. Here are a dozen actions that can contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Reduce your energy consumption

One of the main actions to take to protect the environment is to reduce energy consumption. Conventional electricity is indeed produced thanks to fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas, etc.) which are responsible for 80% of CO2 emissions. Reducing energy consumption means

  • limiting the use of certain appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, etc.);
  • Opting for less energy consuming appliances (A+++ class appliances);
  • turning off lights in unoccupied rooms;
  • etc.

It is recommended, in addition to these actions, to insulate your house completely if possible.

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Give priority to renewable energies

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energies produce very little greenhouse gases. It is therefore advisable to use them in addition to conventional energy. The main renewable energy used is solar energy obtained from panels installed on the roof or in the yard of your house.

renewable energy

Eat less meat

Very few people know it, but the excessive consumption of meat contributes to the degradation of the environment. This is mainly due to the fact that the intensive breeding practiced by producers requires a large amount of water. Studies have shown that a person who eats meat every day consumes 4 times more water than a vegetarian.

Reduce the use of plastic packaging

Plastic packaging is not biodegradable. In other words, they can remain intact for centuries. The use of plastic packaging is therefore a real risk for the environment, especially if it is dispersed in nature. The use of paper packaging is strongly recommended.

Choose natural products

Chemical products are harmful to both humans and the environment. Favouring natural products allows you to contribute to the protection of the environment. The main products concerned are paints, insecticides, fertilizers and others.

Planting trees

Trees contribute qualitatively to the protection of the environment by absorbing a large quantity of CO2 present in the atmosphere. Therefore, planting trees is very useful in the fight against global warming. The tree species to be favored are oaks, poplars and Japanese maple, ideal for small gardens.

Opt for second hand

Buying second-hand products or accessories (bags, clothes, etc.) also helps protect the planet. It allows you to limit the production of these accessories by industries or factories. There are many sites or applications where you can find all kinds of second hand products.

Favour public transportation

Cars contribute to air pollution because of their exhaust fumes. This is especially true of cars that use fossil fuels such as gasoline or diesel. It is therefore advisable to reduce their use or to favour public transport. Carpooling is also an appropriate solution.

Recycle your waste

Recycling consists in transforming products that have reached the end of their life into new products. It is an action aimed at limiting the amount of waste dumped in nature. It is possible to recycle your own waste at home by following the many tips available on the Internet.

Educate those around you

The last action to take in order to preserve the environment is to raise awareness among those around you. The actions of a single person or a small group are insufficient for a real protection of the environment. Door to door and the distribution of information sheets are some examples of actions to be taken to raise awareness of those around you.

There are, in short, a multitude of actions to be carried out in order to contribute to the protection of the environment. They must be carried out by any person sensitive to the question and this. in a continuous way

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