Everything you need to know about the ocean protection organization SEA Shepherd

  • Tuesday, Feb 22, 2022

SEA SHEPHERD is an international non-profit organization for the defense of the marine environment. It was born from the lack of political and economic will to preserve the ocean, which is recognized as a common heritage. For decades, SEA SHEPHERD has been fighting for the respect of the laws but also for the defense of marine biodiversity. Its importance is present at various levels. Discover all you need to know about SEA SHEPHERD.

The history of the NGO SEA SHEPHERD

Founded in 1977 by Paul Watson, a Canadian environmental activist, this maritime organization is dedicated to the protection of marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

paul watson sea sheperd


The idea was born during the creation of EarthForce Environmental Society in 1977 in Vancouver, Canada. This company became the precursor of the SEA SHEPHERD conservation Society. In 1978, the association was able to purchase its first ship, the SEA SHEPHERD.

Financial resources of SEA SHEPHERD

It should be noted that this institution does not operate with state financial means. It operates thanks to donations or aids from various personalities, celebrities and other foundations such as Brigitte Bardot’s. To this end, the annual budget of this NGO amounts to approximately 20 million dollars.

Considering the actions carried out, it is important to note that the annual resources of the French branch amounted to 1.06 billion euros in 2015. More precisely, 3% was devoted to operating costs, 4% to information and public awareness missions, and 93% to direct actions. All of these figures demonstrate its involvement in its activities. Moreover, the French branch has experienced a very strong growth in the number of donors and supporters. This is due to the presence of the founder Paul Watson in France.

The ships of the association

The association has many ships to carry out its activities. There are old and new ones. Among the old ones, we can mention Sirenian or Yoshka currently at the disposal of the rangers of the Galapagos Islands National Park. It is also the RV Farley Mowat which belonged to the association since 1996. The Ady Gil, otherwise known as Earth Race, was acquired by the structure on October 17, 2009.

The new boats that it currently has are :

  • MV Steve Irwin
  • My Bob Barker
  • MV Brigitte Bardot
  • MY Sam Simon
  • Golfo Azzuro
  • Jairo Mora Sandoval
  • John Paul Dejoria
  • Ocean Warrior
  • Bs Sheen
  • Mike Galesi
  • Thor and Loki
  • MV White Holly.

In addition, it has a helicopter called the MD500E Nancy Burnet. The structure also has two small Osprey drones manufactured by the company Hangar 18.

SEA Shepherd boat

The objectives of the association

The association has set several goals, including the application of laws to protect marine life, mainly on the high seas, a lawless area par excellence. It is important to specify that most of the environmental crimes take place there far from the eyes and in all impunity.

The association chooses to go beyond protest and to intervene in an active and non-violent way in situations of illegal attacks on marine life and marine ecosystems. The association also chooses to expose unsustainable and unethical practices of harm to marine life by alerting the media and public opinion. Also, it raises awareness of the essential link between the population and the ocean through various interventions.

It is a mode of action that is always consistent with the founding values of** financial independence**, political neutrality, non-violent fighting spirit and determination.

The places of intervention of the organization

The NGO collaborates with developing countries and institutions. It generally intervenes in areas such as France (Bordeaux, Paris), America, on the high seas.

It also acts in other areas of the same region according to the means that can allow the deployment. This is the case of the Faroe Islands, Liberia, the polar zones, the Australs, Indonesia and the Mediterranean Sea.

The actions carried out

In order to protect the marine ecosystem, the association is committed to the denunciation of marine fauna and overfishing. More precisely, it acts against whale hunting, dolphins, seals, shark fishing, and the use of drift nets.

For a success in their activities, various operations have been carried out. Among them, the Operation Leviathan, which was launched in Antarctica from 2006 to 2007. The objective was to protect whales. In addition, Operation Migaloo was also launched as the fourth campaign in Antarctica in 2008. The Musashi and Waltzing Mathilda actions followed. The Sparrow actions contributed to stop the Thunder, a poaching vessel at the Southern Legion.

Also, the** operation blue rage** to defend the bluefin tuna was set up. Some actions were also p