2009 Sand Fence Project

2007 Dune Restoration Project

beach elder
Beach Elder plants

10/30/07: As part of the dune restoration at Hunting Island, we have added stabilizing vegetation to the growing dunes at the beach. Thanks to everyone who helped plant the grass and elder at South Beach. Despite my truck breaking down, bugs, high tides, rain and wind we planted almost 4,000 plants over the last week. We put Beach Elder along the beach walkways and Bitter Panicum behind the sand fence at South Beach.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped with this important environmental project. You can already see positive effects of our work!

7/20/07: We have completed the Dune Restoration Project on South Beach, North Beach, Cabin Road and the Campground. The sand fence and rope walkways will help build and protect the dunes on the newly re-nourished beaches at Hunting Island.

Thanks to all who participated in this major environmental conservation project. We worked a total of 325 hours completing the project.

Thanks, Tim Bruner
Environmental Director, Friends of Hunting Island

tim carrying plants detail of new growth
Tim Bruner carrying dune plantsDetail of growth & plantings -Oct 2007

zig zag sand fencing building the fence
Zig-zag fencing to trap blown sand -May 2007Building Sand Fence -May 2007