Friends of Hunting Island Introduce:

Your State Park Rangers & Staff

ray stevens, chief of coastal parks.

Appreciation & Identification

These are the people at the Park who keep us safe and deal with the ongoing issues of Park management and operation. Thank you!


Ray Stevens, Chief of Coastal Parks.

daniel gambrell, park manager kenny heater, assistant park manager

Daniel Gambrell, Park Manager  Kenny Heater, Assistant Park Manager

jeff cucinella, senior ranger ben holmes, ranger 2

Jeff Cucinella, Senior Ranger  Benjamin Holmes, Ranger II

carl berube, ranger 1 parks , ranger

Carl Berube, Ranger I  Samuel Parks Mcinnis, Ranger I

ashley derks, assistant ranger

Ashley Derks, Assistant Ranger

Mitch Helms, interpretive ranger amanda wood, program specialist

Mitchell Helms, Interpretive Ranger  Amanda Wood, Program Specialist

malia cooler, office manager mike stromberg, head of maintenance

Malia Cooler, Office Manager Mike Stromberg, Head of Maintenance